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Air Balance

Beside standard testing and system adjustments for new buildings we offer extensive measurements and calculations for energy conservation in the retrofitted buildings.

In the times when energy conservation is a main concern, duct leakage testing is a quick tool allowing for air losses estimation and evaluation of installers workmanship. We perform SMACNA standard testing as well as percentage of the duct volume method.

Annual or semi-annual preliminary testing, allowing for early problems indication and systems tune-up keeping their performance in the desirable range.

Hydronic Balance

The purpose of Hydronic balancing is to ensure stable and accurate fluid distribution to all heating/cooling system components allowing control parts to perform their operation to accurately maintain design space load. Properly balanced Heating/Cooling Plants will prevent control valves to operate under or overflow conditions saving annually cost of operation.

From the point of equipment exploitation it is important to keep it working within design capacities and pressures to avoid possible damages and maintain low operating cost.

Air Quality Testing

Basic Air Quality tests can indicate the level of a building healthiness and it is a great tool for building working environment improvements. It is also an early indication of possible problems with operation of Heating and Ventilation equipment.

Since humans spend about 85 percent their time indoor it is important to understand the need for clean air. Indoor pollutants  can range from things as minor, such  as dust, to major irritants like chemical fumes and molds. All have to be indicated and treated to improve our working environment.

In order to achieve all we use the best equipment available on the market:

All of which are annually certified in the independent Lab.